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Devised by London-based agency Trippin and French fashion photographer Alma Rosaz, the concept of the shoot was to create a hyper-real setting with an infomercial feel, complete with fake lawn plants and lots of flash. Rosaz says, “Both the studio and the set design add a quirky and ‘fake’ touch to the whole project which is always present in my photography practice. I therefore thought that recreating a constructed reality in a studio was necessary in order to bring humour to the campaign.”


Saturated block colours and brightly coloured props add a touch of playfulness, and also ramp up the comedy and surreal nature of a campaign featuring Mr Titchmarsh. Rosaz says, “Using sharp and bright lighting emphasises the contrast between colours and on the simulation of reality. The aim was to recreate sunlight by using unnatural lighting to it in order to create this ‘fake’ feeling.”

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