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Alma Rosaz is a campaign and music photographer based in London. Throughout the years as a photographer, Alma has created her own colourful atypical world by capturing wide angled kitsch and humoristic images exploring cultural identities and gender performance. She lived in many countries such as Nigeria, Norway and Indonesia, and is the daughter of parents with strong artistic visions, which participated in educating her eyes for all sorts of arts, colours and cultures. Her fascination for staging and storytelling is translated by the use of props, collages and the habit of changing her subjects into characters uniquely her own.

BA Photography - London College of Communication, University of the Arts London UAL (2013-2016)


School of Visual Arts, New York (Fall 2014)


MA Fashion Film and Photography - Paris College of Art (2016-2017)


MA Fashion Photography - London College of Fashion, UAL (2017-2018)


Adidas - Universal Music Group - Sony Music - Warner Music Germany - Daily Paper - Huawei - The Ragged Priest - Jaded London - Underground England - Elgato - Po-Zu - FCLX - Rich London - Ruby Moon - J Simone - JÙ - Dotdot London - Atomic London - Layton Williams - Jony Sios - Schön! Magazine - GUAP Magazine - Wonderland Magazine - Noctis Magazine - Glam Week Magazine - Fword Magazine - Paris College of Art - London College of Styling - Remi Wolf - Teddi Gold feat Coolio - Sounds Casual -  Nonô - Amber Van Day - R.A.E - FlowerofLove - Hanina - Hayes Warner - Connecting Music Publishing -Freddie Long - KINGH - Lina Maxine - Ruby Duff - Maty Noyes - Cachet Models - Premier Models - IMM Models - Titanium Management - Glam Week UK Magazine


Wonderland Magazine - commissioned (print)

Schön! Magazine - commissioned

Noctis Magazine - commissioned (print)

Vanity Teen Magazine - commissioned

GUAP Magazine - commissioned

Blaxe Zine - commissioned

F Word Magazine - commissioned

Phoenix Magazine - commissioned

SALYSÉ Magazine - Cover story (print)

Glam Week UK Magazine - Cover story (print)
Just Magazine 

French Fries Magazine 

Maps Magazine (print)

Excuse Magazine 

Check Out Magazine  

Amber Magazine (print)

9/10 Magazine 

Kaltblut Magazine

Shout Cry Yell Magazine 

Curated By Girls

FGUK Magazine 

Pansy Magazine


PAP Magazine

Kink Magazine

Kodd Magazine 

Feroce Magazine 

Underdogg Magazine 

Boyfriend Magazine (print)

Rough Digital

Vulkan Magazine

Vingt-Sept Magazine

The US Paris Magazine

Flanelle Magazine


“Exposition Photo et Intéractions Artistiques” , Le Cinq Beaubourg - Paris (2016)

Portfolio exhibition , Paris College of Art - Paris (2017)

“Bah Voilà!” , Mi* Gallery - Paris (2017)

Photos for artists Rita GT , 50 Golborne Gallery - London (2018)

“Mirrors and windows” , Noias Space - London (2019)

“Fashioned Worlds MA_19” , OXO Tower Wharf - London (2019)

Kevin’s designs - Singapore (2019)

“Who I Was, What I’ve become” - Greece (2019)

“Corps et Etrangeté” , Galerie MLS - Bordeaux (2020)

“Notion - Motion” , The Holy Art Gallery - London (2021)

“Bubble Wrapped” , The Holy Art Gallery - Virtual Exhibition (2021)

“41” , Gallerie 41 - Paris (2022)

“RENKONTRE” with Kasbah - Paris (2022)

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